Contract Hire

If you hire access platforms, cherry pickers or scissor lifts on a regular basis, why not consider a long term contract rental (long term hire)?

Why Should You Hire Long Term?

Owning an access platform is not a simple proposition, there are many safety implications and mandatory inspections required to maintain the machine and protect the operator from harm.

These often obscure costs of maintenance and inspection are often over looked by a prospective owner.

An ATP contract rental can be a solution.

The customer enjoys 24/7 use of the machine on a fully maintained & fully supported basis with the backup of an extensive fleet, professional engineering and scheduled maintenance.

contract hire

We own the equipment and have a long-term interest in its future.

Keeping the equipment regularly serviced and tested benefits both the customer and ourselves.

We ensure the equipment has the necessary certification (6 monthly LOLER certificates for access platforms).

We cover the costs of all the support and repairs needed due to normal wear and tear (not due to misuse or accident damage) throughout the length of the contract ensuring high levels of service and quality.

With an ATP long-term contract rental you can:

Reduce downtime

Avoid maintenance bills and poor after-sales service

No large capital outlay

Fixed monthly payments

Mandatory safety inspections managed and undertaken by ATP technical team

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