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Based in Peterborough, we hire scissor lifts, boom lifts & specialist equipment for your short and long term needs.
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Our Access Platform Range

Find your access hire equipment in our large selection of equipment.
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Low Level Access

Ideal for Small Narrow, Tight Areas. Lightweight Alternatives to Ladders and Scaffolding.

Scissor Lift 

Scissors offer larger working decks with lifting capacity ranging up to 1000kg’s. Available for Indoor and Outdoor use.

Boom Lift Self Propelled

Both Diesel and Electric Booms available with up and over outreach and drive at full height.

Static Boom Lift 

Lightweight Boom Lifts with Jack Legs for leveling on sloped ground

ATP's Happy Customers

"Just emailing to let you know the job went very well yesterday using your MEWP. The engineers were very impressed with the machine and it made the whole task a lot easier and safer."


Active Doors

"What a great team providing superb customer service from start to finish, it really made a difference to me as I am not a professional builder so your help and advice was much appreciated."

Lee Seacombe


"I am very pleased with the service received from ATP and i'm extremely happy with the service received from the girls in your office when we call for quotes & assistance".


Delta Fab and Glazing

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team. The restrictions imposed upon us, the strict lead times and the documentation required presented somewhat of a headache for us all i am sure. However, despite this we found your company to be extremely accommodation and helpful throughout the booking process and also at the time of delivery."


Lion Containers

"Fantastic service would highly recommend ATP I have found they have a wider selection of lift equipment compared to the companies  I've used."



"Great service as always from ATP really difficult access but the 23m tracked machine, a nice neighbour & some good driving we got it in."


Northborough Tree Services

"The work went like clockwork and your company was very helpful all the way through, from your personal attention, to the very helpful young lady in the office and the very professional operative delivering and collection the equipment - all as planned and all to time"


NorthSt Botolph’s Church – Saxilby

"I believe the scissor lift had almost arrived by the time I put the phone down! I can not recommend ATP enough"



Types of Businesses We Serve

Access platforms offer a practical solution for businesses that need to work at height, providing a range of options to suit different industries and applications.


Access equipment is essential for construction companies to ensure the safety of their workers, improve productivity, and complete projects on time and within budget

Warehousing & Logistics

Access equipment allows warehouse workers to retrieve and store products at height more quickly and safely, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries that can occur when reaching for heavy or awkwardly shaped items.

Facilities Maintenance

Access equipment is essential for facilities maintenance teams to ensure worker safety, improve efficiency, and complete maintenance tasks to a high standard.


Access equipment enables manufacturing workers to perform tasks such as assembly, inspection, and maintenance at height more safely and effectively. It allows them to access areas such as production lines, machinery, and conveyors, which can be difficult to reach using conventional methods.

Events & Media

Access equipment enables events and media teams to set up and install equipment such as lighting, sound systems, cameras, and screens at height or on uneven surfaces, which would be difficult to do without the proper equipment.


Access equipment enables aviation maintenance teams to perform tasks such as inspection, repair, and cleaning on aircraft at height more safely and effectively. It allows them to access areas such as the wings, tail, and engines of an aircraft, which can be difficult to reach using conventional methods.
skyjack scissor lifts at atp access platform hire

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our services and billing.
Do I need an account to hire with ATP?
Yes, you will need an account to hire with ATP.

You can either complete our ‘ATP Credit Account Application’ form listed on our site or contact our office on 01733 348915 and we can get you set up over the phone.

Your ATP account will be live the same day.
Can I pay using a Credit or Debit Card?
Yes, we are happy to take Credit or Debit Card payment. We will get your account set up on a ‘Cash’ basis and send across a Pro-Forma Invoice at the time of booking.

Our team will then contact you the day prior to your hire date to take payment for the full invoice value.
What is ATP Access Guard?
ATP Access Guard is our policy to ensure that your hire machines can be covered if you do not have any existing Hired in Plant insurance in place. For full details on ATP Access Guard, please download the document ‘ATP Access Guard’ listed on our website. 
I’m finished with my hire, what do I do now?
If you’re all finished with your hire, please give us a call on 01733 348915 or drop us an email at hiredesk@atphire.com advising that you’re all done. Our team will then provide you with your off-hire reference.

We aim to collect the machine within 5 working days from the point of off-hire. We do not off-hire equipment until we hear from you, so make sure you don’t forget to avoid any further charges!
Do I need to be trained in order to use a MEWP?
Yes, you will need to have sufficient training in order to operate a MEWP. This is a legal obligation of your employer. If you have not been trained, we recommend internationally recognised IPAF courses to get that box ticked off.
Do you offer IPAF training?
Yes, we do. By working closely with local training providers, ATP is happy to offer IPAF courses for a minimum of 4 delegates. For further information and to discuss pricing and availability, please give our office a call on 01733 348915.
The MEWP has developed a fault, how do I report this?
We’re sorry to hear this. Please call the office on 01733 348915 or send an email to hiredesk@atphire.com. Our hire team will then log your breakdown with the engineering department who will call the operator on site straight away. If we cannot fix the fault over the phone, we’ll come to site to get you back up and running ASAP! 
Are the MEWPs inspected? 
Yes. All of our MEWPs are subjected to a 6-monthly thorough examination (LOLER) to ensure they’re fit for purpose at all times. One of our engineers also carries out post hire and pre-hire inspections of each machine to ensure that the machines arrive on site in excellent condition for you. 
Can you supply an operator?
All of ATP’s hires are provided on a self-drive basis. We have on occasions been able to source operators through our supply chain in certain circumstances at an additional cost. For further information then please contact the office. 
Do I require a Harness to operate a MEWP?
You will require a Harness when undertaking work in a Boom Lift. You do not require a Harness whilst working in a Scissor Lift.There are however plenty of sites that will require a Harness to be worn in a Scissor Lift so it’s always best to have one just with you. 
Do you sell Harnesses?
Yes, we can supply Harnesses on a sale only basis. Please give us a call on 01733 348915 or send an email to hiredesk@atphire.com and we will provide a quote for you.
How long can I hire a machine for?
The short answer is as long as you like! We offer competitive 1 day, 2/3 day and weekly hire rates as well as contract hires if your requirement is required for 1 year with varying options for most budgets. 
I need my machine to be on site early, is this achievable?
Our drivers are early birds, so getting MEWPs to you early in the morning will not be a problem but any specific delivery time would need to be agreed in advance to allow us to plan our transport accordingly. 
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